22. December 2018
... began the year on the 8th calends of January, when we celebrate the birth of the Lord. That very night, which we hold so sacred, they used to call by the heathen word Modranecht, that is, "mother's night", because (we suspect) of the ceremonies they enacted all that night.

13. October 2018
Members of the Drones take part in a number of sporting events ranging from darts, fat uncle contests to an annual golf rally. Whilst at a Drones Club weekend in Le Touquet, France, where about 87 members were said to be present a cricket team was formed led by Bertram "Bertie" Wooster as captain.

12. October 2018
An Exciting And Accurate Account Of The Match Between Gentlemen of England Versus Players And Natives Of The Cape Colony, February 1896 in Cape Town

12. October 2018
Melbury Hall XI v. The Nondescripts

10. October 2018
"That night the burdens of selection weigh heavily on my mind and it's nearly midnight before I drift off. But at least I've come up with a side that represents strength and depth in all aspects of the game."

08. October 2018
In the February of 1896 A.J. 'Rumpy' Netercote led his team of English gentlemen onto the playing fields of Cape Town against a team made up of 'Natives Of The Cape Colony'.

07. October 2018
Built in the 18th century by Thomas Vernon, a lawyer and whig MP for Worcester, Hanbury Hall is a beautiful William and Mary style country house, garden and park.....

09. September 2018
"The Nordic religion was not a religion of dread, or of magic formularies to propitiate hostile powers."

21. June 2018
Svmer is icumen in..........

25. January 2018
The Haggis is eaten and a toast to all is said. Though my Scots blood is as thin as a teetotallers dram I have eaten haggis on almost every burns night since I was a child, though it remains a hearty treat throughout the year.

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